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Powerful lessons for making your entrepreneurial dream a reality

Stephen Gerard was 40 when he reached his turning point. No longer fulfilled by the rewards of striving for someone else’s dream, he made a bold midcareer pivot from “company man” to self-possessed entrepreneur. With this change came the success and independence that he once dreamed was at the end of the proverbial corporate ladder.

The position Stephen found himself in all those years ago is one many grapple with daily. Unfulfilled, yet uncertain what their next move might be and apprehensive about stepping out of their comfort zone. Having emerged on the other side of that predicament happier and more successful than he could have imagined, Stephen E. Gerard wrote Stuck in the Middle Seat to help aspiring midcareer entrepreneurs navigate their transition from the daily grind to launching and growing their own business.

Structured in five phases, Gerard takes his readers through the idea phase, launching the business, growing the business, the emotional rollercoaster of being a founder, and finally what it means when your venture gets over the hump to sustained success. Conversational and relatable throughout, Gerard illuminates each phase with critical laws—21 in total—that have guided him on his own entrepreneurial journey.

It’s what set Stuck in the Middle Seat apart from other business books aimed at budding entrepreneurs. More than riffs on recycled business school principles, Gerard’s advice has deep roots in real world experience, his own trial and error, and a self-awareness that’s both humorous, empathetic, and trustworthy. He also adds in a few experiences from other entrepreneurs and lessons learned from advising many more.

Gerard’s understanding of the entrepreneurial journey and the mindset of the midcareer entrepreneur is uncanny. With Stuck in the Middle Seat, Stephen E. Gerard has written for a new generation the book he wished he’d read as a former road warrior, frequently stuck in the middle seat, hopping from one city to the next, never reaching the heights he knew he could—but eventually would.

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