Stuck in the Middle Seat

An Entrepreneurial Roadmap For the Midcareer Professional

There comes a time in many people’s careers when climbing the corporate ladder stops being enough or working for someone else is wanting, and the call of independence becomes too loud to ignore. While the allure of entrepreneurship appeals to many, few have the fundamental experience needed to bring their business ideas to life. With a straightforward and relatable voice, Stephen E. Gerard offers advice for the midcareer aspiring entrepreneur that helps lay the groundwork for starting their own business.

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Stephen Gerard

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Stephen E. Gerard is Board Chairman of The Leisure Collective International and also Owner of the America’s Division of that business. The global company manufactures and sells premium surf equipment ( and premium sunglasses (

He founded his first startup, TGaS Advisors, at the age of 40. TGaS Advisors ( was featured on the Inc. 500/5000 list five times, was operated on a global scale and was ultimately involved in buy-and-sell transactions amounting to roughly $100 million in total value. Today, he invests, advises, and owns entrepreneurial endeavors across the globe.

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Stuck in the Middle Seat

Written with the midcareer entrepreneur in mind, Stuck in the Middle Seat: The Five Phases to Becoming a Midcareer Entrepreneur is Stephen E. Gerard’s guidebook on how to break out of the daily grind and achieve real success as an entrepreneur. Having taken his future into his own hands at the age of 40, Stephen knows the pain of feeling unfulfilled at work as well as what a challenge it can be to just get started on your own venture. Segmenting the entrepreneurial journey into five phases—each phase containing its own unique set of laws—Stuck in the Middle Seat demystifies the start-up process with a proven approach informed by Stephen Gerard’s experiences along the path of success. Even if your goal does not entail starting a multimillion dollar business, in the book you can still learn the tools to start a meaningful business for yourself.

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If you are a midcareer professional, I would hope that you love what you have been doing! If that is the case, then you have the experiences and leadership qualities to launch a business that is in your wheelhouse.

Is it time you became a midcareer entrepreneur?

Having made the transition himself from dutiful employee to midcareer entrepreneur, Stephen Gerard takes on advisory roles, helping aspiring entrepreneurs on their journeys. Since breaking free, Gerard has advised dozens of entrepreneurs as they have ascended from disenchantment into the life and career of their dreams. While Stephen is selective about whom he works with due to time constraints and business fit, he has something to offer any entrepreneur who is looking to take the next critical steps.

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Stephen is excited to hear from you!