For the record, I am 61 years old. When I hit 60, like most of us who do, I began thinking about the finite nature of our time on this wonderful blue marble and the degree of health and happiness that was still left on the horizon.

We’ve all probably read about or seen documentaries about the five Blue Zones in the world, where people are known to live healthier, more productive, and longer lives. While the romantic notion of moving to Japan, Costa Rica, Loma Linda, California, Greece, or Sardinia and experiencing those lifestyles firsthand exists in my mind, the practical reality is that it is not going to happen.

That said, it did get me wondering if I could create or in fact, already had components of the Blue Zone in my life already or within reach.

As I dug in, it became a good-news and bad-news analysis.

The Good News

I am fortunate to have many components of the Blue Zone life in abundance. Many fall within the Connect, Move, and Right Outlook findings about longevity.

For the Connect-piece, finding the right tribe, putting loved ones first, and having a sense of belonging, I have to say that I am fortunate to have these in pretty good abundance. While a good amount of that is luck or having a great family and circle of friends, it also comes with effort and curating sometimes.

Making efforts to stay in touch and active with family and friends takes work, as does shedding folks that just don’t fit anymore (or maybe never did).

For the Move Naturally and Right Outlook piece, I have also been pretty lucky in having a decent mindset for the goods-and-bads life brings you, and having an active lifestyle that includes getting moving and being moderately fit. (I stress moderately)

The Bad News

The Eat Wisely piece of the Blue Zone equation has always been something that eluded me, or should I say I avoided it like the plague. The plant-based diet, eating much smaller portions, and one glass of wine at 5:00 is something that never, ever took hold in my life.

Never! I tended to eat more than a human should, shunned plant-based eating (give me a steak, please!), and wine at 5:00 … then 6:00 … then 7:00, and so on … was good for me.

I found the battle of the bulge and the battle to eat well / better impossible. My sense tells me that the Eat Wisely piece is probably a big part of the Blue Zone equation.

The Hopeful News

This winter, I have been trying to turn around the bad news outlined above and am finding some success. Spending a ‘quieter’ winter, eating better, exercising more, drinking a little less (oh, how I still do love my wine!), and also incorporating a diet/lifestyle app in my life (NOOM) has helped me get more aware, educated, and motivated to Eat “more” Wisely – using the Blue Zone vernacular. I still have a way to go, but I am encouraged.

So, making it to 100 was/is never really my goal. But having a healthy, active, productive, and connected life is my goal, and trying to be around for as long as I am able, and that’s what I am going for.

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