Once again, you need to reflect on this filter and see where it takes you. Maybe you need to ask your spouse, your partner, and/or your parents for their observations? You may be too close to what you do and should be open to turn to others for their thoughts and observations. Who better than a parent or relative to provide observations on what you love to do?

3. When someone interrupts you while you are doing it, you get angry!

These are the times you locked your office door (at home or work) or found someplace in the basement to do the work, and then someone started pestering you. When that happened, you said to yourself, “Why can’t they just leave me alone for a few hours?” That angry reaction is a marker for you doing something you love. This is when the phone rang, and you got angry that someone had the audacity to call you! To accentuate this marker, you did not answer the phone call and they kept calling—that’s when you blew your top. Argh!

Just to clarify, the interruption has to make you angry because you love doing what is being interrupted, not because you are trying to get it over with and are being slowed down.

For example, if you love doing yard work and get interrupted, and it bothers you because you love doing it, then you have it: it’s yard work (landscaping). You might want to start a landscaping business or open a plant nursery or something in that area. If you are angry, though, because you just want to get the yard work over with to move on to something else, then you do not have what you love.

These three filters should provide a useful guide to determine what you love and should then be a starting point for a business venture. Better yet, these filters can be confirmation for what you were going to start the business on anyway. In any case, make sure you are embarking on something you love and that it is authentic to you, because it is going to get difficult!

Originally posted on Forbes.